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What should I wear to a stag party?

There are two different answers to this question.

Fun outfit for the stag?

The first is if you are looking for a fun outfit for your stag group or party. There are now dedicated online shops specialising in Stag outfits such as Smifffys. They stock various fun outfits, ranging from extreme suits to baby outfits. The choice is plentiful. Our favourites that we have seen at HoM stag parties - UK are tartan suits and Miss World outfits. It’s great fun to dress up in these silly outfits. While the stag should be given attention, it’s also common for the whole group to dress up. Some choose different outfits, some groups choose a theme. Darth Vadar and Stormtroopers is a really good one. With the stag in Darth Vadar and the merry men of the stag do in Stormtrooper outfits. You will get some real attention when out and about. Many print off custom t-shirts with the name of the stag and the year of when the stag took place. Printed can be some banter with a tagline, phrase, quote or even photos printed on the t-shirt. It’s a great conversation starter with some locals if you are in a pub or social location. Great fun.

Stag do away from home?

The other side of the question is what you should wear for general clothing for the trip if you are away from your home area. Common sense applies here, and check the weather up front. The guy or guys organising the stag will probably have done an online recce to see the average weather well ahead of your planned stag trip. With the ever-more changeable weather system, it’s imperative that you check the weather a week before you leave and the day before you go. Here in Scotland, we have seen 18-degree days in January and -3 days in July. The weather is getting more extreme, so definitely check when you are about to leave, especially for foreign stag trips. If flying, wear loose clothing; some stag outfits can be very uncomfortable in the tight area of a flight. By all means, get the stag in his attire when you arrive at your destination. Hats and gloves are in some locations, and t-shirts and shorts are in others.

So, this question has two parts: hope that helps and have a stag do to remember.

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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