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What makes a stag do special?

First, consider the groom's interests; it's his stag do. Also, think about the other male guests. If the groom likes something and the rest of the group hates it, then maybe choose something for everyone. You are friends for a reason and it's likely you share common interests.

What about the groom's favourite restaurant? It could work, but sometimes, it's best to do something a little different from the norm.

How about his and the majority's favourite sports team? If he regularly attends home games, how about something a little diverse and taking in an away game? A ground or stadium that he's never been to, perhaps?

Instead of a trip to a favourite restaurant or sports ground, how about something different? A trip abroad! It is pretty popular for stag dos. these days. There are many choices, with Amsterdam and Prague being popular in Europe.

How about mixing it up with accommodation? A private villa? A cabin in the woods? How about a yacht? This can make a stag do incredibly memorable and something a little different.

Working surprises into the stag do can really take it to another level. A guest appearance from a celebrity? We're not talking an A-list celebrity unless you have deep pockets. Just someone known locally, perhaps. This can add a real something different. How about a trip to somewhere unusual in the area? Is there a place many of you have talked about but have never visited?

Everyone has a mobile phone these days; it would be great to capture some of the best bits on camera. Pre-warn all guests; you will be making a video and get them to take footage. With modern software, it's easy to edit video; someone in your group will have video skills to stitch all the best bits of the stag together. Put it up on YouTube or make the video a private link, meaning that it won't show on the search for everyone else, but people with the private link will be able to view it.

Additionally, consider creating a personalised memento for each participant, such as custom t-shirts, engraved items, or photo albums showcasing the highlights of the stag do. These tokens serve as a reminder of the special time spent together and the bond shared during the celebration.

Overall, consider the groom's interests. There are a number of things you can do to make a stag do very memorable.

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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