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Stag Do Party Drinking Games part 1

This is part of a series of journal entries with part 2 of drinking games here and part 3 here.

Stag Party Rules - be sensible

Remember, not everyone drinks these days, so if it's a soft drink, let them be. It's easy to get carried away on a stag do, so whilst having an enormous amount of fun, don't disrespect locals and do foolish things.

#1: The game of Toy Soldiers - Drinking game

First up is toy soldiers, and this is great fun. The best man or people organising the Stag should buy toy soldiers and give one soldier to everyone on the Stag Do. When the Stag shouts," Get into position", the partygoers have to get into their stance for their allocated toy soldier immediately. The last person to get into position has to down a shot. Great fun.

#2: The pong of beer

You need a ping-pong ball for this one. Round up all your drinks, and the Stag has to aim the ping pong ball into a glass. Whoever's glass it lands into, they have to down their drink. This can add up to a few downings in a smaller group of lads. But with the general rule of odds, it shouldn't be too excessive. You want to mix them games up, you wouldn't want to play pong of beer all night, alternate between the different games to make it more fun and dynamic. This pong of beer is a classic and definitely one to try.

#3: Opposite side - Stag Party Drinking Game

It is an oldie but a goody; everyone has to drink with their opposite hand. So, if you are usually a left-handed drinker, then you have to use your right hand. Anyone caught out has to have a shot or a forfeit. This sounds so easy to play, but just wait till you try it! It's a lot harder to keep to, than you think. This is a classic stag drinking game.

#4: Mr President

Act as if all your stag group are secret agents and protecting the President. When the President (the Stag and groom) touches his ear, that's the sign for all of the secret agents to jump on the Stag and protect the President from harm. This enacts the scenario of a sniper or terrorist with a gun. The last person to get the President safe or covered up from the shooter has to take a shot. A drink that is! Not a bullet wound.

#5: Shark Attack

This will come to mind if they have recently watched the hit film series Jaws. When the Stag shouts" Shark attack", all the stag party attendees have to get their feet off the floor. This can be a bar stool, a chair or a set of stairs. The last person to do so has to have a shot.

Overview of drinking games

These stag party drinking games should be a fun part of the night. It only takes one plonker to spoil the party, so don't get too out of hand. Have fun!

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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