Clay Pigeon Shooting Clay Pigeon Shooting Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Imagine shooting a clay pigeon yourself. The thrill and satisfaction of saying to your friends and family “you’ve done it”. All of our clay pigeon shooting guests have left House Of Mulben shooting at least one. Some have shot dozens, but as a beginner one is a good start. Whether you have no experience or a lot of experience, we can tailor-make your time with us, to suit.


Safety is paramount, and you will be given a full briefing before a gun is handled. Our fully qualified instructors and team will have you in a safe environment. Eye and ear protection are provided.

The guns you will use are 20-bore. That makes for a light manoeuvrable gun, yet still packing a punch that can take a clay down from 40+ yards.

You can choose to shoot purely for fun or the score can be kept. It’s a friendly and relaxed environment, which you will enjoy.

The backdrop for clay pigeon shooting is located in a beautiful mature wood. It’s an idyllic setting for outdoor sporting activities.

You can choose to shoot clay pigeons as a single activity or choose additional activities. The choice is completely yours.


It's Winter 2020/2021, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery and Fishing remain open. Due to weather - Quads and Off Road Driving are closed until April 2020. Please use the Quick contact form at the bottom of this page or contact us to avoid disappointment.