Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting takes place all year round. This activity is set in a beautiful wood which was part of the original Caledonian Pine Forest. Many of our duck and pheasant shooting guests try out our clay pigeon shooting to keep their hand in out of season.

Safety Paramount

Our team of experts will show you how to handle and shoot a clay “doo” as it is called in Scotland. They will keep you right regarding technique and accuracy. Ear protection and protective glasses are provided. Every one of our guests have shot at least one clay pigeon.

20 bore shotguns are used and are suitable for both men and woman. They are light and easy to handle as we use a light cartridge. They’ll shoot a ‘doo’ at over 40 yards quite easily.

You can choose to use our clay pigeon scoring system or just shoot for enjoyment.

New Facility

This year we have built a wooden pavillion hut with a covered viewing area making clay pigeon shooting more enjoyable especially when its raining. Refreshments and barbeque can be provided if required.

Our clay shooting could be included in a day package. We can tailor any or all of our activities to suit your preferences. The choice is yours.

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