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Stag Do Ideas in Scotland

Bubble Football

This is quite a new activity outdoor activities space. Great fun for general sports fans and football folk. With the explosion in women’s football in recent years, this activity is for both sexes. Knocking into someone with the bubble around you is a fun feeling!


We don’t offer motorboat excursions at House of Mulben, but they are available in other parts of Scotland. Great fun for something different and for the thrill seekers in us. Generally, boats are quite small and won’t be able to fit a large stag party group, such as 25 people.

Kart Racing

This is also another great choice for stag parties, great fun, great banter in who came last. We don’t offer Kart Racing at HoM but there are a few in Scotland and one is a facility at Lhanbryde which is about 12 miles from us at House Of Mulben.

Whisky tasting

At HoM we are surrounded by Distilleries, some of which provide whisky tours and tasking. Many guests split the day between us at House Of Mulben and whisky tasting. The distilleries within a few miles of us are Glenfiddock, MacAllan and Strathisla. Another interesting sight is the Speyside Cooperage where you can see the barrels being built.

Escape rooms

This is a slightly offbeat and unusual thing to do for a stag group, but it can be great fun. Those unaware of escape rooms - you need to solve puzzles and little games to get out of the locked rooms.


Another popular activity is paint-balling. Those wannabe John Rambos will love this. Use high powered pneumatic guns they can hit a target at 45 yards. Great fun for Stag Parties.

Clay pigeon shooting

We do offer clay pigeon shooting at HoM, it’s our most popular activity. You need to be over 16 to take part. It’s popular with both men and woman, due to use 20 bore shotguns which are powerful enough to break clays at 45 yards but don’t have such a recoil with the more popular 12-bore shotguns. It’s very satisfying when you shoot a clay. Great fun for all involved.


We don’t offer bubble football, motorboat excursions, kart racing, escape rooms, or paint-balling At House Of Mulben. We do however have clay pigeon shooting and are located very close to Whisky distilleries. Many of our guests choose to do Whisky tasting in one part of the day, and then come to us to enjoy clay pigeon shooting, archery, fishing or air rifle shooting in another part of the day. We compliment Whisky tasting very well.

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