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How to have a fun and memorable stag party?

Aim high for a memorable stag party

As we have discussed in this journal, a Stag Party should be much more than a trip down the local pub. How boring is that?!? Isn't that just like a typical weekend? There are incredible options available for stag dos now. As the best man and groomsmen you want to create the best stag do that anyone has been on. Sure, there may be limits on people's budgets, but a low budget doesn't mean it has to be boring. If you aim for the stars, you may reach the moon. Aim high.

Choose somewhere good

There are many options available to anyone organising a stag do. You could choose somewhere local; nothing wrong with that, but choose a thoroughly enjoyable local and possibly themed event and party. We wrote about extreme stag parties here. Going abroad is a very viable choice for most stag parties. At House of Mulben, we have held stag parties for groups from as far away as Hawaii and Japan.

T-shirts? Dressed theme?

Printed T-shirts can be a great way to start conversations with locals, and good banter will ensue. Having a famous quote there from the stag can add to it.

Plan your stag party well

With a stag party, you want to maximise what you do on your trip. Don't just have 3 nights that you will "just see what happens". Have a plan for each time of the day. Plan even group games and topics for discussion. Just think up front and have a plan.

You want to remember it fondly

Relive those memories - have a dedicated camera person. Having a person in the group with a good camera and good at editing can be a great asset to have. Everyone has a phone with a camera these days, but having a single person can mean he can concentrate on creating something of quality and not miss the best bits of your stag party. There is a big difference between a good shooter and just whipping your camera out when something happens! In a group of 10 guys, there's a good chance that someone within the group is interested in filming and can edit competently. Utilise this asset well.

Have a surprise element at your stag party

A stag party can be even more memorable if you have a surprise element. That could be a trip to an event that you, as the best man, have kept secret. A trip to a unique restaurant with a house dish. Someone famous to visit you. Take them to a pub with a different drink, which is the first time anyone has tried. There are almost unlimited options you could partake in. A surprise element makes the stag party more fun and memorable for the group.


Aim for a cracking stag do, do your research, have a surprise event and have fun!

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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