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What NOT to do on a stag do?

Stag parties should be great fun, and mostly they are, but here are five things to avoid doing a stag do.

Getting too drunk on a stag do is bad form

Drinks can certainly flow on a stag do, but unfortunately, some go too far. Silly things can be said, and falling-outs can happen. By all means, have great fun, but don't p*ss people off and spoil the whole stag party.

Disrespect locals on your stag do

If travelling abroad or two somewhere you haven't been before, respect the locals and their laws. Particular laws of certain countries. Misbehave in Dubai, for instance, and you could see yourself behind bars. Luckily in the UK we are a little more laid back. Read more about our Scottish stags.

Have it the night before the wedding

This goes without saying, really, but having the stag do the night or even the week before is NOT a good idea. The groom should be fresh for his big day, and having the stag close to the wedding is just silly. Fortunately, today, in 2024, this is very unusual and rarely happens, which is a great move. Do not think for a minute of having the stag do the night before the wedding!

Go too far with the stag

Banter and teasing the stag can make for many laughs. Shaving their eyebrows off and leaving them in an unknown place can put stress on the stag. Don't go too far. Banter is acceptable, and the stag will likely manage to take that; laughing with the group at the groom's expense is part and parcel of it, but don't go too far.

Upset the bride

Alongside getting drunk, you don't want to upset the bride with drinks flowing. It's easy to send a wind-up text to the future wife, worrying her. She's probably worried enough as it is with the reputation of some stag parties. Take it easy with the bride; it can be a stressful situation, especially when the stag is close to the wedding. The pressure can be, don't make a fool of yourself with the group and upset the bride-to-be.

Have the stag do down the local pub

There are literally thousands of different things you can do on a stag do these days. See Extreme stag dos for some out-there ideas. Some choose to go abroad; some decide to travel away from their residence. You can do many different things, so why limit it to a trip down the local pub when that sounds like a normal weekend with the lads? Widen your horizon and choose a stag do to remember, not a typical weekend with mates.


Have fun on your stag do, but keeping to the above tips should see you having a great stag do and one to remember.

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