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Stag Drinking Games part 3

This is the third in this series of journals about stag do drinking games. Part 1 covered favourites such as Toy Soldiers and Mr President. Part 2 of the drinking games explained the You Have Been Shot and The Stag of Darts.

#1: You Bet

This is a classic drinking game. 2/3 of the guys take part of their drinks and add to make a cocktail. Delicious! You then go around the group and get each to call either reds or blacks on the desk of cards. If correct, they add some of their drink into the cocktail. If they are wrong - they have to drink the cocktail. Go round everyone in the group and get them to call a card. Depending on the choice of drinks, the cocktail can get rather disgusting. We don’t recommend this game to go around more than once for the group; if it does, things can get messy for the stag party; you have been warned!

#2: Dare cards

This needs a pack of dare cards as well as a standard pack of cards. You can buy these dare cards very [inexpensively on Amazon]for under £3 [not an affiliate link]

Go round the group and get them to call red or back on the traditional pack of cards. If they are right they take a shot, if they are wrong they have to take a dare card. There is no real winners in this game - both hands have consquences depending on what card they call, but its great fun.

#3: Ring Of Fire

This is another classic, and we will cover it in a full journal entry soon.

Everyone picks a card, and each card means drinking, sipping, or complimenting people.

#4: Crazy Eights

To finish off, this is a non-drinking game when things have gotten too wild and need to sober up a bit.

The idea is to get rid of all your cards.

Give each player five cards.

Each player then turns 1 card in the middle. If they can match the number or suit, their allocated cards are given away to the deleted pile.

If an eight is unveiled, though, they can change the suit to anything of choice.

The winner is the first to hand their five cards back in.


Go round everyone in the group, giving them a card. The first jack picks a spirit. The second jack adds another spirit of choice. The third jack pays for it. The fourth and unlucky participant of the stag party that gets dealt the jack, downs it!

Conclusion of Stag Drinking Games Part 3

These five more drinking games can add some excitement to the party. Have fun!

P.S. Look out for the fully tailored Ring Of Fire journal soon.

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