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Stag Drinking Games - part 2

We kicked off this stag party drinking games series in the last journal entry - see drinking games - part 1.

Ben Aigen ladder

This one involves a pack of cards and a bit of luck for each person playing. Have five cards on the bottom row, then four on the next row up, then three, then two, then one. So, they are in a pyramid structure. Going up the ladder, each player has to turn over a card on each row and guess if the next card is either higher or lower. The aim is to move on to the next player if they reach the top. But if they guess the card hierarchy wrong, then they go to the bottom of the ladder and start again. The drinking game part comes into it; if they fail in their guess - You can get them to drink a shot on each failure or on the 2nd or 3rd failure if you want to keep things dampened down.

You have been shot

This is a classic stag drinking game and one to get going. Get a shot glass for each person on the stag do. Fill each glass with either water or a clear shot, such as Vodka or Gin, so there is no telling what each drink is.The stag then slides a drink to each of the guys. When the stag or referee shouts bang, then everyone has to down their 'shot'. This is a little different from the shots we have at HoM Stag parties :-) You can play this down a little depending on how things are going - meaning you can have one alcoholic drink to 9 glasses of water. Some stags have 50% alcoholic shots and 50% water; it's up to you!

Stag Do Cocktail

Quite a straightforward one, this. When a stag places an empty glass on his head, everyone has to do the same. The last person to put an empty glass on their head has to drink the cocktail provided (or drink of choice). This can get out of hand quickly, but it is good fun, and naturally, people's concentration goes down as the night goes on.

The Stag of Darts

If the bar/pub or venue has a dart board, then this is a good one. Break yourself into two teams. Divide up fairly if some have had darts experience. The aim of the game is to start at number 1 and get to 20, hitting each in succession. If you have no hits at each number with the 3 allocated darts, then the team has to take a shot. The winner is the best to get from hitting all numbers from 1 to 20. You can make the adventurous if hitting a double or treble, which would mean a double or treble shot!

Pizza Box Shot

You will need an empty pizza box and some coins for this one. Write each person's name with a circle around their name on the pizza box. Each stag then throws a coin onto the box; if it lands on a person's name, then that person has to take a shot. If someone misses, then they add a circle with their name to the box. Once there is no space on the left box, the game is over.


These drinking games can breathe life into a dull stag party. Don't be too silly, though, and have fun.

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