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Where is the best place in Scotland for a Stag Do?

There are numerous choices that you can make for a Scottish stag do. We are, of course, biased, but we believe that Speyside is a great place to have a stag in Scotland.

The traditional idea of a stag do is with plenty of alcohol and whilst many a drink has been had with us at House Of Mulben we offer a more tame stag do experience. That does not mean boring, far from it. Drinking can happen after the activities, and you can go on to pubs and clubs later.

Local nightlife in Speyside

The nightlife in the local area is lively. The largest town near us is Elgin, which is about 15 miles from us in Mulben. There are many different pubs and a number of nightclubs. Some guests stay in Elgin, come to use at House Of Mulben during the day then return to Elgin for the nightlife.

We do get groups from Aberdeen which do the same - that’s, stay in Aberdeen, come to us during the day for activities, then return to Aberdeen for the nightlife. Aberdeen is just over an hour from us on the A96 road, which has been improved in the last few years with more three-laners to pass traffic on.

Very similar to Aberdeen, we do get groups that travel to us at HoM then back to Inverness for party time at night. It’s just over an hour on the roads from us in Mulben Speyside to Inverness, the capital of the Highlands. We regularly get groups that travel to us for the day, then back to Inverness at night.

Glasgow and Edinburgh are too far from us

If you are looking to stay in Edinburgh or Glasgow, then we are not going to lie to you that it is just too far to travel for the day’s activities with us. Edinburgh and Glasgow are about 3-4 hours by car / bus / transport. You could stay in those big cities for one night and then stay locally in Speyside or Elgin the next night; the choice is, of course, entirely yours. Our point is that it’s too far to travel to us and then back to Edinburgh or Glasgow on the same day. That would be 6-8 hours travelling on a single day, it’s too much!

Many of our guests choose to come to us for activities then do Whisky tasting in the other time through the day. These distilleries are only a few miles away such as Glenfiddoch in Dufftown and MacAllan in Craigellachie. Many of our guests fly in from different countries in the world for their special stag do in Speyside. We would love to see you here.

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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