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How to organise a stag do

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

1. Consult the stag

Who should be organising the stag? We recommend having two or three people to organise the stag do. Why? We are all busy people, but what if the single organiser gets ill or absolutely snowed under at work? Having two or three people lightens the load and will make for a better stag do. Organising in a small group rather than just one love wolf is also more fun.

2. Decide who's going on the stag

The main organisers should meet up and have a chat about what they are going to do and who's going. The stag will generally know everyone best, so make sure you haven't left anyone out, as it can make for a tense situation the next time you see them.

3. Make something memorable

A trip down the pub isn't the most memorable stag do - Scotland, is it? Have a look into some extreme stag do ideas. The internet is full of gems and ideas for stag dos. Get creative, think fun and make it a stag do to remember.

4. Set budgets

Having a pre-meet is not a bad idea, so people can initially get introduced to everyone. It is not possible in some situations with location. You need to set budgets; it's likely that a few within your group may not be earning as much as some. Be sensible about where you want to go. A trip to Monaco might not be feasible for some.

5. Book venue, transport and flights

Book your transport and book your flights( if abroad) as early as possible. You may not get your ideal dates. Booking early will not only save you money but also save a lot of hassle if it's a last-minute thing. Booking your venue up front is also critical. They could likely be booked up years in advance, especially for prime summer dates.

6. Intinery

Have a plan when you get there. Restaurant booked? Is your food arranged if you are staying in your accommodation? How about some stag party games? Try and have a plan for every hour of your stag do. Having a quiet evening of rest on your weekend is fine, but know what you are doing.

7. Check-in

Ideally, a month in advance check has everyone paid up front? You don't want to leave payment to last minute. If heading abroad, has everyone checked their passport expiration date?

8. Modern comms

Creating a WhatsApp group for everyone going is a great idea. Not only will you get a laugh, but you can also plan things in there. Embrace modern tech and a group communication tool that can help the stag do, go smoothy.

9. Photos

With everyone having a camera in their pockets these days, get some great photos of your stag do. Post the best of them in your WhatsApp group.

10. Make it a stag to remember

The main thing is to have fun; it will dampen the spirits if everything is rushed and disorganised. Good planning, booking early, and having a few organise the stag do are good ways to make it a stag to remember.

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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