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The worst Best Mans speech ever, all on BBC Sounds podcast

There is a recent podcast released called Best Men on BBC Sounds. It's a very good listen! It's hosted by well-known comedians Jason Manford and Steve Edge. They state at the start that being the best man is the most important job as an adult you can.

The average male is the best man 1.3 times, and the average spend on a stag do is £330. Click here for more about our Stag Parties.

It is an amusing story of how they went to Wales for one of the show's host's stag dos and planned to go to the local nightclub. Being a Thursday night, it was closed. In a small Welsh town, everyone knew everyone, and they soon met with the cleaner of the said nightclub. Soon the stag party were on the dance floor with music blaring, and all 8 of them were on the stag with precisely no one else there, bar the famous cleaner!

The central part of the first episode is the guy who went all the way to Australia for his best mate's wedding. He knew only seven of the 100 guests, so he was expected to be a little nervous.

The speech was going well. The theme was around a popular thread with best men speeches, in that the bride had stolen his mate, and he doesn't see his mate much anymore. He found a poem online and decided to read it as the ending of the speech. He looked into the stag's eyes and recited the short poem. It sounded like a declaration of love, and a considerable silence at the end said a lot. You will have to listen in to find out what the bride did.

Tune in here; it's well worth a listen.

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