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Bonkers Stag Party Ideas

If you're looking for some genuinely bonkers stag party ideas that go beyond the ordinary and mundane, here are five unique suggestions:

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Experience:

The groom and his merry men can be let loose in an industrial-like environment, not unlike an apocalypse. All are armed with air-soft guns with exploding bullets. Don't worry - it's not dangerous, it's just paint in the bullets. This is great fun for anyone who likes horror movies and or guns. This is a cracker.

Medieval-themed Adventure:

Compared to the Zombie theme above, this is more laid-back. You rent a castle or medieval-style venue where you dress up in medieval times costumes. You can try archery and jousting competitions. At HoM we offer fun activities for stag parties.

Extreme Prank Challenges:

Think Jeremy Beatle pranks. If no one remembers that show here is a clip. These kinds of stunts can be torture for the stag, but once the rabbit is out of the hat, hilarious banter can ensue for many years. Something memorable.

Recording these kinds of things on cameras makes for even more to see and enjoy after all the drama. These pranks can make for an incredibly memorable stag party.

Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course:

We are not talking just a bouncy castle here, but a HUGE obstacle course the size of a house. This is more suited to a younger stag and his men, but great fun nonetheless. Adding water into the equation can make it even more enjoyable and treacherous. Any mistakes and you get absolutely soaked. Highly enjoyable.

Wilderness Survival Expedition:

These survival adventures for stag parties have taken off because of recent television programmes with people such as Bear Grylls and a little back in time - Ray Mears. Learning these survival skills will probably not save many lives, but it's hugely satisfying and enjoyable to learn how to survive.

Let's face it: many stags are like many normal stags - boring. These ideas make for very unusual and bonkers stag party activities. No one will forget them, and they will be the talk of the wedding.

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