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Stag Do Party Checklist and important points

Who's going? Make sure you know everyone that's going and send the invites at the same time. You can easily offend people if they are not included.

Choose the date which is best for the group. It's likely that with our busy work and home lives, some will not be able to go. Make the date the best for everyone.

Where are you going to go? Abroad, local, national? If outwith the country, does everyone have a valid passport?

How much is it going to cost? Work out the budget as close to accurate as possible. Some people may not be able to afford it. Check out Who should pay for a stag party. Work out accommodation, flights, activities, food and drink.

What are you going to be doing once there? Consider everyone's interests, but mainly the groom. It's his stag do, after all.

Book flights and accommodation well in advance for the best deals. You can generally only book flights up to a year in advance. You will be amongst the first if you are so organised you can book that far ahead.

Arrange any transport that you may need. The earlier you book this, the better.

Plan activities and entertainment: At HoM, we can give you the option of clay pigeon shooting, archery, air rifle shooting, fishing and Mini Highland games, with a tug of war etc.

Book any restaurants and nightclubs. There is good nightlife in Elgin, which is about 15 miles from us here at Mulben, where we host stag parties in the UK.

Think ahead and book any special surprises, such as a comedian, a surprise visit or a themed dress code for the stag and or group.

Arrange for food and drinks: Are there any special dietary requirements for the group?

Get in touch with the group, probably by email, but maybe WhatsApp, too. Arm them with the information they need ahead of the trip.

Pack essentials: Remind everyone to pack their essentials, including appropriate clothing, toiletries, and any specific items required for planned activities.

Make sure what you are planning is safe. Do you need drivers taxis booked? Ensure everyone has the necessary emergency numbers and phone numbers of the people in the group.

Bring cameras or hire a photographer: Everyone has a great camera on their phone these days, but to capture it better, hiring a photographer shouldn't be out of the question.

Allow for some downtime so people can relax and collect their thoughts.

Collect all the funds from everyone in advance; it would be rude for the person paying to not be paid before the stag party takes place.

Having some backup plan is a good idea; things will and can go wrong.

You are set. Have a great time and have a stag party to remember.

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