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The history of fly fishing

The origins of fly fishing can be traced back to ancient civilisations, where the craft of imitating insects to entice fish first emerged. The key word there is imitating. We are trying to catch fish in a way that reflects the natural way they find and eat food. That may sound quite obvious but it’s sometimes overlooked.

History says that the poet Claudius Aelianus was 1 of the first to write about this in Ancient Rome. They employed artificial flys to tempt fish. These early flies were made out of feathers, hair and thread - similar to how some Scottish people create original fly.

As things developed and word and experience spread, creating flys became trendy. Think of a knight setting his sword against a fire and taking time to create a beautiful hook. It was at this time that tying flies went from utility to past-time.

HoM tip of the day. Make everything look as natural as possible; fish have great instincts and are cleverer than many give them credit for. Think of how your fly moves in the water; make it look like a natural living fly. If you can, choose a duller day because fish can see the line easier when it’s bright, making for less successful fishing. Remember - as natural as possible.

In the 20th century, technology pushed on fishing. Fibreglass rods were created, which made them not only stronger but lighter. This makes casting so much more accurate without tiring fishers out. Synthetic materials started replacing the more traditional feathers and hair. This made the flys more like the real world, allowing more fish to be caught.

In the UK, fishing is the most popular single-person sport. A surprising but absolutely true fact. It serves as a break from the fast pace of contemporary life, allowing individuals to relax in the country.

Fly fishing has come a long way in the last few hundreds of years. The best tip we have for fishing, though, hasn’t changed in that time. That is to make your technique and setup look as natural as possible to the fish.

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