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Why is a hen party called a hen party?

A Hen party is the celebration of the bride's upcoming wedding with her female friends. It's known as this in the UK, Ireland and Australia. It's known as a" bachelorette" party in the United States. It's an occasion to do something unique and memorable for the bride and the whole group.

There are many different options for things to do at a hen party. Many involve a night down at the local pub, but that would be less memorable, would it? Some travel to a different country with European destinations such as Budapest, Benidorm, Barcelona and Ibiza. Some travel to other locations in the UK. There are many options when it comes to making a hen party to remember.

Where "hen party" comes from is unclear. Some online searches suggest it comes from the word "henna, " meaning female bird. It does, however, represent the bride-to-be in this case. Some may suggest it is related to "stag", which is the primary equivalent. The word stag comes from a Greek background, with the stag, a male deer, being linked to its fertile status.

At House Of Mulben, we offer a hen party experience to remember. Whilst people best enjoy it like the outdoors, our countryside experience is excellent fun for women of all ages. Shoot clay pigeons, catch a fish or compete in an archery competition. You will have a time to remember with us.

It has also been quoted that "hen" comes from other cultural and historical origins. Chickens were seen as fertile, and with marriage rituals, the association was seen from there. No one is 100% sure where the term came from. It is a little strange, perhaps, but that sometimes happens when there is no clear history.

Whatever it is called and its background, a hen party should be great fun for all involved.

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