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Who pays for a stag party?

A stag party - is in 99 times out of 100 a really fun thing with lasting memories and camaraderie between the group. When it comes to money, though, and paying for a stag do, things can get a little tricky.

In the vast majority of cases throughout Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world, each person pays for their own part of the stag party.

Many stag parties in Scotland are just a trip down the pub; everyone puts money into the "kitty" in Scotland. It's just a collection of money that goes towards the night's drinks.

I've heard of wealthy friends and even grooms paying for the whole stag party. This is quite uncommon, though. It seems to be more of a thing in the States, where stag parties are more commonly known as bachelor parties.

One of our guys has lost his job, should we pay for him?

In most situations, even if they have lost their job, their pride would take a hit if they couldn't pay their own way. In obscure circumstances, the rest of the group could pay towards the stag do.


In 9 times out of 10, people pay their own part of the stag party. This is the best advice; it keeps things simple and straightforward for everyone. The most important part? Have fun at your stag party!

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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