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7 fun stag do pranks in the UK

Blind-folded bungee jump

This can be a cracker. Handcuff and blindfold the stag with no chance of him latching to what you are doing. Take him to the buggy location and then throw him off into the abyss. It was absolutely petrifying for him, but all part of the fun. The handcuffs should be taken off before jumping, of course. Just make sure you tell the bungee operators what you plan to do upfront.

The inverted blind-folded bungee

This is the opposite of the above; you tell the stag he will be thrown off the nearest bungee bridge and try to make it sound terrifying. What you actually do is make him feel like he is going to be sent over the edge, but in fact, he falls into a 1ft deep paddling pool. Great laughs will be had.

Fake arrest

Have someone whom the stag has never met before have him arrested for something he hasn’t done. This can be great fun, although on a Scottish stag do, these situations have occurred many times over the years, and the stag likely knows what is going on. If you can pull this off genuinely, it can work very well indeed.

The good old mankini

If you don’t know what a mankini then you are in for a right laugh. Having the stag wear this can bring great attention to him. Makes for a good few jokes and a great time. It's light-hearted banter that is just great fun.

The cast of doom

When asleep, put a real cast on the stag. He will wake up wondering what the hell happened. You can then tell a great story about how he ended up in it. Have a good laugh and then let him out of his misery and tell him it’s a fake and the story you made up didn’t happen.

Paintball target

Paintball is still very popular and make the stag wear an illuminatory suit, so HE is the main target. He won’t get very far in the match as he will be so exposed.

Fake Tattoo

When the stag wakes and sees his new tattoo, he will be outraged. There are unlimited options you can have fr the tattoo, but for bigger drama, make it half believable as well as embarrassing. Just let him down gently and tell him it’s a fake one. All good fun.

The above are all light-hearted fun. The important thing to do is NOT go overboard; you still hear of strapping the stag to an inflatable and putting him out on some water. There’s just too much to go wrong with a stunt like this. Have great fun, but be sensible and be safe.

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