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Just Stop Oil protests and Stag Parties

The Just Stop Oil disruptions of summer 2023 were headline news. Tennis at Wimbledon, World Championship snooker and the Ashes Cricket were targeted and disrupted. They wanted action to be taken by the government, halting licenses for new oilfields to stop. With recent temperature rises and 45' seen in Europe, this jolted them into more protests. These guys were at the top of the news many nights, undoubtedly getting the air time they desperately desired.

Stag Parties?

What's the link with Stag Parties North East Scotland? Some stag parties have dressed as Just Stop Oil protesters for the banter. These StagWearing distinctive orange t-shirts with white and black text have been causing havoc across Europe.

Orange in colour

They have chosen orange as their 'brand' colour. They have been disrupting these events with paint and powder of that colour. If you were near the news channels over the summer of 2023, you couldn't miss them.

Here is a clip of a Stag Party near Waterloo in London. They turned the tide on the Just Stop Oil folks and almost made a protest about their protest.

Only a few days earlier at Lords, these protesters stormed the pitch, and even one of the famous cricketers helped carry the protesters off the cricket pitch.

Shouting "we love oil, we do" then setting off and tearing one of their banners. On a stag do, this would have been great banter. Look at the genuine Just Stop Oil protestor's faces. The stag party is owning them and just making a mockery of their protest.

Here is another JSO stag getting into trouble with the Police at the British Grand Prix motor race. The groom is seen here being stopped and talked to by Britain's Finest. I'm sure the groomsmen at the stag party haven't laughed so much for quite some time. It's all very amusing. The Police would have laughed, too, once they found out it was all harmless fun. This prank would have made a raucous at the wedding speeches, that's for sure.

What's HoM's opinion on Just Stop Oil? There are different ways of getting your point across, but stopping and blocking emergency roads is too far. While they may have reasonable grounds to make an argument about the current and future devastation of climate change, their actions are disrupting many people's summer enjoyment. It is going too far, though; some patients will need urgent care, and to stop traffic in the way is highly irresponsible.

Good on these Stag Parties for 1. Having fun without breaking any laws, and 2. For taking a stand against the protesters who should find a better way of making their point.

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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