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History of fly fishing on the River Spey

The River Spey, close to us at House of Mulben, is renowned for its significance in the history and development of fly fishing. It's an incredibly famous river, and here are some of the main areas of it's history.

Fly fishing on the Spey goes back many centuries, to the 18th and 19th in fact. Fly fishing became effective because it mimicked real flies in the river, and being the main source of food for salmon, they were greatly attracted to it.

Spey Cast, at the time, was an innovative way of casting a rod. It allowed for very accurate casts in between trees and rocks. It got its name from the Spey. The technique was mastered in Scotland and Wales, but the name Spey stuck. Spey Cast is used even today.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, fly fishing on the Spey took off, and it became a golden era. Rich anglers from all over the world came to fish at the River Spey. Fishing estates were set up and located right along the Spey banks.

Many notable figures were attracted to the river, including Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Secretary. His book, "Fly Fishing", was written in 1899 and explored many of the latest techniques and strategies still used today.

So what are "Spey Dog", "Garry Dog" and "Black Doctor"? They are famous fly patterns developed especially for the River Spey. Their long-flowing feathers and intricate designs make for a tasty meal for Atlantic Salmon. These flies are also used now throughout the world.

The Spey has faced many environmental challenges over the years and still does to the day. Pollution and overfishing are just two. If you excuse the pun, the Spey Foundation and the Spey Fishery Board were spawned to fight and preserve the river.

House Of Mulben

The water that flows into our two fishing ponds ends up in the Spey. The burn is a tributary. The famous Spey beat Delfur is about 3 miles from us at HoM. In season, salmon spawn in our burns. How these fish navigate and return to us yearly is one of life's miracles.

Although with recent poor fishing seasons, the Spey today still attract many to the area throughout the year. Challenging fishing and beautiful stretches that meander through the countryside still make for something extraordinary.

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