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Stag Party Activities for older people?

There are plenty of enjoyable stag party activities for older people, and it doesn't have to always be down the pub! As we explored in another article, How to make a stag do extraordinary. There is so much more to taking a stag party from average to excellent.

Walking or Hiking:

There are plenty of walking options in Scotland. Even around us in Speyside, there are a lot of choices. For easy flat walks, we recommend the Speyside Way. It used to be an older railway line, and it's flat and easygoing. A more adventurous challenge is climbing Ben Rhinnes, which we can see in Mulben. Both are great options and with a bit of luck, the weather will be fortunate.

Whisky Tasting:

We really are in the heart of Whisky here in Speyside. There are about ten distilleries in a 5-mile radius around us. Many of our guests choose to do a popular Whisky tasting in the morning and then spend the afternoon with our activities at House of Mulben.


Birdwatching is a peaceful and engaging outdoor activity. Encourage older adults to visit local parks, nature reserves, or even their backyards to observe and identify different bird species. They can invest in a bird identification guide or use smartphone apps to enhance the experience. Locally to us in Speyside, there are great opportunities to see Capercaillie, Geese, Ducks and Ospreys.

Clay Pigeon Shooting:

At House Of Mulben, we use 20-bore shotguns for our guests. These have very little kick compared to the more popular 12-bore shotgun. 20-bores still pack a mighty punch, though, and can crack a clay at 45+ yards. It's a popular stag party idea. Older people can easily handle these guns, both men and women.


Within a 20-mile radius of Mulben, there would be around a dozen golf courses. Each with their own style and skill level. Dufftown has huge gradients and is a challenging walk around. The best know course is Moray Gold Club over in Lossiemouth. It's an excellent links course and has similarities with St Andrews, great for over 40s.


Fishing can be a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor activity for older people. Whether freshwater or saltwater fishing, it allows individuals to spend time in nature, practice patience, and potentially catch a fish or two.

Outdoor Photography:

Encourage older adults to explore their creative side through outdoor photography. There are many beautiful things to capture in Speyside. It's a hobby that combines exercise, artistic expression, and the opportunity to create lasting memories.

Remember, it's essential to consider an individual's abilities, interests, and any specific health considerations when suggesting outdoor activities for older people. Always prioritize safety and consult with a healthcare professional if needed.

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