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Common FAQ for Stag Parties

How many people should go on the stag?

Around 5-15 people should go on a stag do. That makes it so everyone can get along and aldo making it a manageable size. Some stag dos can be much larger, like 25/30 people, but that number is an outlier.

Do you have to have a stag party?

No, you do not have to have a stag party if you don't absolutely want to. Most married men have one, but you don't necessarily have to.

How long should a stag party be?

A stag party should be from 1 day to 1 week. Some stag parties are a single night down the pub. Some stag parties are a week away in a foreign country. As with a lot of things, it depends. Generally, a stag party is a weekend, but it varies.

Do you give a gift at a stag party?

No, you do not need to give a gift at a stag party. It does happen, but it is very rare. The gift is for you all to be together and have a great time.

Can you invite someone to the stag and not the wedding?

Yes, it's ok to invite someone to the stag and not the wedding. Certainly, if it's a small and private wedding and if the stag guests don't know the bride-to-be.

How far in advance do you book a stag do?

It's best to book your stag party months in advance rather than weeks. This gives people time to plan and for some - save up for it.

Who decides who goes on a stag do?

The groom decides who goes on the stag do. It's his wedding, his stag party. The best man or men then organise it from there.

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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