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Best Man of a wedding - Common FAQ's for Stag dos

Can you have two best men?

Yes, you can have two best men. In most weddings, there is just one best man, but joint duties are acceptable. Having five best men would be too much.

Does the best man pay for the stag do?

No, the best man doesn't pay for the stag do. Everyone going on the stag do pay their equal share.

Does the best man organise the stag do?

Yes, the best man organises the stag do. We recommend having groomsmen to help, though. What if the best man gets ill or runs into issues?

Can the best man be a woman?

In the real world, yes, the best man can be a woman, but it's very rare and should only happen if she is an incredibly close friend to the groom.

What is a female best man called?

No great surprise here, but a female best man is called a best woman.

Does the best man have to make a speech at the wedding?

Yes, in almost all cases, the best man has to make a speech. That's one of his main tasks. In rare situations, someone else can do the speech, but it would be unusual for the best man not to do it.

Does the best man look after the wedding rings?

Yes, the best man looks after the wedding rings. This has tradionally been the way things are done, and is still done to this day.

So what next?

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