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9 Stag Party rules for an enjoyable and sensible time

It wasn't that long ago that Stag parties were a bit 'crazy', and some even took place very close to the actual wedding!

Thankfully, they are tamer these days, but you still hear these wild stories. Here are nine rules to keep things normal(ish).

Plan well in advance: Start organising the stag party early to ensure that everyone can attend and that all logistics are taken care of in a timely manner.

Setting a budget is a good idea, as things can sometimes get out of hand when taking part in a stag party, especially when money is likely to be tight in these tough economic times.

Keeping the whole stag party a surprise adds to the event's fun. Saying to the groom to take his password if planning a stag party abroad is all he needs to know.

A code of conduct, if alcohol is involved, can help guide the group through the trip. Showing respect to locals is essential; you don't want just to let your group run riot through the community.

Capture the memories: Assign someone to be responsible for documenting the stag party through photos or videos. This will allow everyone to relive the memorable moments later on. With everyone having a camera on their phone, this is much easier nowadays. Still, having a dedicated person in charge of filming and photos is a good idea.

Know the local laws and regulations, ensure all activities are legal, and the book can help your group from getting into trouble with the authorities.

Pre-arrange transport if required; keeping things to a plan and on time can make for a much better stag party.

Keeping everyone informed of the schedule, costs and requirements before the stag party is a good plan. It's also a great idea to keep everyone informed when at the stag party. A WhatsApp group is perfect for this. This keeps everyone up-to-date and safe.

Having an alternative backup plan can save a disaster. When planning out, make sure you have a second preferred option. Flights can get cancelled, and double bookings can happen at events. Having something else in mind can make for a much better stag party.

There you have it: nine stag rules that should make things much more enjoyable and safe for everyone on the stag.

So what next?

See our Stag Party page for more details and exclusive offers.

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