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What is a stag do?

A stag do, also known as a bachelor party or a bucks' night, is a social gathering or celebration held for a groom-to-be before his wedding. It typically involves the groom's male friends and family members getting together for a night or weekend of activities, often including partying, games, and sometimes traveling to a different location. The purpose of a stag do is to give the groom an opportunity to celebrate his upcoming marriage and enjoy some memorable experiences with his closest companions before entering married life.

There are a ton of things you can do on a stag do. Literally thousands. Some of the most popular are a weekend away drinking. But is that something to remember?

At House of Mulben, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful scenery as well as number of great things to do. Our activities include, shooting, fishing and inflatable fun. We are in the heart of Malt Whisky country. With over a dozen distilleries within a 10 mile radius. Many of our guests so whisky tasting in one part of the day and come to us for the rest of the day and their stag party activities.

The atmosphere of a stag do is typically relaxed, jovial, and focused on creating an enjoyable experience for the groom. It is a chance for him to let loose, have fun, and celebrate his upcoming marriage with his closest friends, often before the wedding planning and responsibilities take center stage.

While stag dos are primarily associated with the groom's male friends, it is not uncommon for joint celebrations, known as stag and hen parties, to take place where both the bride and groom and their respective friends come together for a combined pre-wedding celebration.

Overall, a stag do serves as a memorable and symbolic event, providing the groom with an opportunity to create lasting memories, strengthen friendships, and mark the transition from bachelorhood to married life.

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