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6 Hilarious stag party ideas

Stag parties can be talked about for years. Planning out some activities like these can make for a special time for all the groom and groomsmen. Here are a few ideas that can make it incredibly good fun and memorable.

Fake Talent Show

The stag and his merry men gathered in a dimly lit room. It was about to explode with fun as the groomsmen took to the stage. Dance routines and karaoke all made for great laughs and stag party memories to last.

Ridiculous photo challenge

Posing as human statues, trying to fit everyone in the stag party to fit on a single park bench, can all make for big laughs. Serenading locals is another common site on stag do's across Europe. Just don’t go too far and upset the locals. You are there to have fun and a trip to the local police station doesn’t sound like a stag party of fun.

Escape rooms

These have taken off in recent years and can make for great entertainment. Some have disco balls and rubber chicken-activated secret doors. Donning themed outfits and taking on an escape room challenge can make for many laughs.

Improv comedy workshop

Led by a quick-witted coach, a comedy workshop can be great fun for your group. Talking as farm animals and nonsensical dialogues are themes in which the laughter continues for many hours afterwards. The coach makes it; read reviews of potential workshops closely.

Dress up rely race

Oversized wigs and sumo suits can make for a real laugh. Grown men with high heels and superhero suits are another theme that can go down very well. Just make sure you have someone on camera duties to capture it all.

Hope these give you some ideas.

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